Origins and Popularity of BJ Basic Strategy

‘Beat the Dealer’ has been one of the most groundbreaking books about blackjack strategy. First published in 1962, this book reports the findings of Dr. Edward Thorpe who used computers to determine the best way to play online casino blackjack. Beat the Dealer had the first ever basic strategy chart and since then this chart has been reprinted several times.

The chart was also updated by other mathematicians for different rule conditions. For instance the strategy that applies to single deck blackjack games is slightly different from those in multi-deck games. The basic strategy chart is the perhaps the most important and most useful piece of information for any blackjack player and can be found in numerous other books and on the internet too. Now you’d think that Beat the Dealer and the basic strategy chart would be the bread and butter of every blackjack player, but astonishingly not many people know the basic strategy or applied it to their games. Dealers also seem to be quite clueless about the whole concept. But now that you know that basic strategy matters you ought to check it out and have the upper hand when you play your next BJ game.

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