Survivor Blackjack Tournament

Microgaming are behind a number of the largest and most successful online casinos around today. One of them is the Jackpot City online casino which offers its customers an impressive range of slots and tournament type games. The online casino tournaments are either for games of Blackjack or Slots, the best renowned of which is the online blackjack tournament called Survivor which is due to begin very soon.

The limit on players allowed to register for participation is limited to 250 individuals. After this the entry process will close so Jackpot City online casino players would do well to register sooner rather than later. However, if less than 14 players elect to participate then the competition is cancelled, however given the tournaments popularity this is highly unlikely. The whole tournament will be played on 6 deck European Blackjack which is possibly the most favoured and popular variation of the game. In order to enter, it will cost each player $20 and the guaranteed prize offered is $280. Despite the small prize amount, it is only shared by the top three winning players – 1st place earns $130, 2nd earns $90 and 3rd place will earn $60.

The tournament itself is played over three rounds, and only 10 will make it past the first round. During round one each player will begin with 2,500 chips, the minimum bet is 10 chips and the max is 250 chips, also the first round is played over eight hands. In round two the competition is expected to be less competitive but more exciting as only the top six players will make it through to play. Each player will start with 3,500 chips and the minimum/maximum bets are 50/500chips. The second round is also played over eight consecutive hands. As you might expect, the third and last round is the most competitive and least friendly round to participate in. It is played only over six hands as opposed to eight so that time is restricted. Players will begin with 5,000 chips and the min/max wagers are increased to 100/1,000 chips. The top three players who come out on top get to share the winnings as previously mentioned.

If you like Blackjack but don’t feel like participating in a tournament then Jackpot City has many more games to choose from, including a number of Blackjack variants. For example, Double Exposure is a new game which is popular with newcomers and novices of the game due to the dealer’s hand being dealt face side up. This makes overall decision making much easier and can help new players learn the game. Alternatively, more experienced players could opt to play another Blackjack variation called Pontoon. In this game the dealer’s cards are dealt face down but the rewards are paid out on a ration of 2 to 1.

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